Zain Gold.


We are Zain Gold and Metals Trading Company established in the year 2018 in the United Arab Emirates - Ajman We aspire to have a customer base for gold and minerals and we cooperate with major companies and mining owners in the field in order to gain everyone's trust in cooperation and dealing and provide consulting studies for investors and follow them in the institutional work environment with applied realism as we provide  Trade and brokerage services in all honesty and professionalism.



We have standard means in local and international gold mediation and we always strive for excellence in managing local deals and international contracts with all professionalism, sincerity and transparency. Therefore, the company accepts the establishment of direct smart partnerships with a contract or memoranda of understanding with interested institutions for purchase and mines at the private and governmental levels.  We are also constantly upgrading our duty to satisfy our customers.



We develop individual and institutional plans and strategies for mineral production projects and the plan works to achieve the goals and follow-up supervision so we work hard to meet the needs and draw the temporal changes of the plan and read the speculations and address the challenges scientifically and practically and push the wheel of speculation to increase production and draw alternative plans that address the problems through specialists with high competencies and expertise. 

Our partner:

 Brothership consultancy & services company established in the year 2016 in the UAE - the Ajman  free zone   have a smart partnerships base with major companies in various fields and  offer consulting studies for projects and strengthening the health system and model management of health projects and qualification of cadres and follow them in the institutional work environment with applied realism also we provide mediation services Finance and commercial

Our Partner


There has been many brokers who using our company name to sale their products, so be careful and take note, all company transactions should be done through official company email only. No transaction will be valid if  the offer is not coming from